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Favorite Brands | Ecru

ecru.jpgI saw this Kuwait-based brand on Instagram and since then I am a huge fan of it! Their products are not only beautiful and functional, but quite different (in a good way) from what we have seen on the Middle East’s market. A perfect mix of modern and tradition.
Hand carved and color lacquered pineapple bowlBrass molded palm candle holder dipped in silver.Glass carafe with a silver tipped wooden stopper.Round lamp with Fish Scale shaped openings that illuminate the room in a special way.Marble star which can be used as a soap plate or a candle base.Gem LightEmbroidered mini Hand pins that can be pinned to your clothes, bag, or baby’s crib.Pink Pomegranate print on beige casement table cloth. (Skillfully hand block printed)

You can visit their official website – ecruonline
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Favorite Architects | Houses by AGi Architects

Mop House in Kuwait | Photographs: Nelson Garrido
Star House in Kuwait | Photographs: Nelson GarridoRibbor House in Kuwait | Photographs: Nelson GarridoSecret House in Kuwait | Photographs: Nelson Garrido

Kuwait in Pictures

I honestly don’t like these pictures 😀 They are taken by me on my last visit to Kuwait. As you see I am an awful photographer!! 😦 I made this post, because its the national month of Kuwait as they will be celebrating 25th and 26th of February as the National Day and the Liberation Day.
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I am in love with the design of this new place, named Ubon !! It is located in Salhiya, Kuwait City. Designer : Rashed Alfoudari, Year: 2011
Pictures and information: archofkuwait

What’s New in Kuwait?

Hey guys!! I was looking for some news from Kuwait and I saw this one – Foster + Partners have won a competition to design the new Kuwait International Airport.
“…Kuwait International Airport will be an iconic new gateway to the State of Kuwait, with a design that is rooted in a sense of place, responsive to the climate and inspired by local materials and architectural traditions. Designed to increase the airport’s capacity to 20 million passengers per year…” by Foster+Partners via archofkuwait

Гледах за новини от Кувейт и видях тази – Foster + Partners са спечелили конкурса за дизайн на новото международно летище на Кувейт.
“…Международното летище на Кувейт ще бъде нов портал за държавата Кувейт, с дизайн, който се корени в смисъла на средата, отговарящ на климата и вдъхновен от местни материали и архитектурни традиции. Проектиран да поема капацитет от до 20 млн. пътници годишно…” by Foster+Partners чрез archofkuwait

Tatami Japanese Restaurant

Photographs: © Jassim Alshehab

How cool are these lamps! Designed by architect Jassim Alshehab, the restaurant is located in the business district “downtown Kuwait”. The design concept was derived from the integration of the “japanese tatami mats” method of planning and the industrial ambiance of the city. via archdaily

Posh Cafe in Kuwait

Posh Cafe
is placed at the center of a main 360 mall ’s atrium, based in South Surra, Kuwait. It was designed by architect Jassim Alshehab in 2009.

Пош кафе е разположено в центъра на атриума на мол 360, който се намира в квартал Сурра, Кувейт. Проектирано е от арх.Джасим Алшехаб през 2009 год.

Photography:  Jassim Alshehab via zeospot