A Whole Year

Wow! I can’t believe it has been a whole year since my last post!

  I honestly have no idea where that time went. At least I have plenty excuses for being a bad blogger like health problems (don’t really want to talk about it, but don’t worry it was nothing serious), organizing a wedding (yay, I’m a married woman now), working full day and moving to another country (hello from London).

Oh, where to start from? Weddings were simply amazing! We actually had two weddings, one in Sofia and one in London, where my husband lives. It was a lot of rush, because we had only one week gap between the two events and for that time I had to pack my bags, say goodbye to everyone in Sofia and get on the flight for London, where my husband’s family was waiting for us with a huge pink sign “Just Married” and a very welcoming party at home. To be honest I didn’t expect that, because they left Sofia just a day before us and basically they spent that whole day decorating the house for us instead to relax after the flight! 🙂 image1Yes, I am hiding behind the flowers and the balloon, because I was too tired for pictures.

Those who follow my blog know that I don’t like to write a lot as I believe that pictures have millions things to say and they do it way better than me. Here are some pictures from the wedding in Sofia (Unfortunately, I still don’t have pictures from the second wedding). You can also see some more on my Instagram page – Alzayat.Nadia. I hope that you will enjoy them.

image Getting ready for the big day at the beauty salon.  We needed coffee to wake us up. 🙂 imageBridesmaids’ bouquets._MG_7485Some help from the bridesmaid.

imagePersonalised gifts for the bridesmaids.

imageThe venue 🙂_MG_8907

You might not believe me, but I actually didn’t have chance to try the cake. I was so busy with having fun with our guest that I forgot to eat._MG_8505This picture is so much fun! Love it!
image2Some of the beautiful flowers we received from our guests! image3The amazing view from our room!

I look forward to write new posts! I missed you all and my blog so much!!! Posts about where we go and what we do in London are coming soon as well.

Take care xo

Pictures: Ivaylo Iovchev


What’s New with Me

 I can’t believe I haven’t written in my blog for 3 months! I have to admit I missed it and all my online friends and I really hope not to absent anymore! One of the reasons I didn’t write was that I did an intensive English language course as knowing this international language is quite important nowadays (especially for someone like me, who runs a blog in English). I probably still don’t speak and write correctly in English, but you should know that I try really hard. Anyway, here are some personal photographs I want to share with you. The picture below is from my graduation ceremony, which was in April. The hat was quite uncomfortable!

IMG_5825_2Few days after the ceremony we had a graduation party, which was amazing! The event was at Sheraton Hotel in Sofia and everything was simply perfect – the food, the music, the atmosphere, the service. I had the time of my life and came back home at 6 am, but it was a well deserved party after six years of studying. I am a bit disappointed that the photographer didn’t take any pictures of the building from outside as it’s really beautiful and iconic. However, I found one on Internet (from casinotraveltours.com).DSC_73101DSC_0400_2I also participated in the protests in Sofia, although I know that not much things depend on the normal people. I just felt that I need to be out on the streets as I see a government, who simply doesn’t solve our problems and what bothers me the most is the fact that a large percentage of young and well-educated Bulgarians emigrate and settle abroad. According to an article I read on Internet one of every eight young people in Bulgaria has concrete plans to leave the country in a search for better live in the near future, but frankly I think that probably every third has a plans and government doesn’t take any actions against this madness. After all, aren’t young people those, who should lead the country?
Don’t get me wrong I am not into policy and I don’t mind which party governs as long as our country moves forward toward a better future. All in all, I don’t regret participating in the protests, even if nothing changes I am really proud to see that more than 40 000 Bulgarians stood for their rights and I am even more proud that the protests are peaceful.IMG_6154

Facebook and Pinterest

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend!
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Shoes, Designed by Architects

Here is another proof that architects can design anything from buildings and interior spaces to yachts, carsjewelry and yes, even shoes!

“This story begins with a broken heart. Rem’s attempt to get the girl back was made by downsizing architecture to its smallest and most vulnerable scale, that of a woman’s foot.
While most romantic notions are often foolish, what was hatched through the inspiration of romance was the ‘Möbius’ shoe. The girl was gone, but he knew the shoe had to become real.
Now add Galahad to our story. The seventh generation of the Clark’s shoe-making dynasty.When Rem and Galahad first met, Galahad saw the Möbius shoe design, and he was instantly convinced that a new brand had to be formed…

Today, the United Nude brand is sold in over 40 countries worldwide and United Nude has a booming retail business with flagship stores in Amsterdam, London, New York and Shanghai as well as proprietary stores in Cyprus, Croatia, Vienna, Tianjin, and two retail stores in Guangzhou.”
via unitednude.com

Spring / Summer 2012 Collection My favorite pairs: 1. A Japanese-inspired platform shoe!2. Web Hi Off White3. Haiki4. 90 degrees
And their stores are so cool!
CyprusShanghai Tianjin New YorkAmsterdamPhotographs: Facebook/UnitedNunitednude.com

Let us see who else design shoes:
Zaha Hadid for Brazilian eco shoe design company Melissa.
I am sorry Zaha, but I won’t wear these pair of shoes!
Photographs: inhabitat, designboomZaha Hadid for Lacosta | Photograph: ifitshipitshere

Julian Hakes
“Award winning London based architect Julian Hakes first released early concept images of the design for a new ladies fashion footwear concept on design blog http://www.dezeen.com
Later that evening Julian received a message from the editor of Dezeen to say it had gone viral’ and he should put his name into Google. Julian did this and to his amazement got halfway through ‘Ha….’ before Google prompted him to ‘buy Julian Hakes designed footwear?’
On the Monday after the story broke Julian received a call from the office of a well known female ex-model in New York requesting 2 pairs in her size for her show. At this stage the Hakes ‘mojito’ shoe was in initial sketch model and prototype form and they realised that they needed to make this concept into a reality.” via hakes.co.uk

Photographs: Facebook/Julian Hakes

Adolf Hitler an Architect?!

“How I wish I had been an architect!” Adolf Hitler often exclaimed to his Nazi master builder, Albert Speer.

 “The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna rejected him twice, in 1907 and 1908, because of his “unfitness for painting”, and the director recommended that he study architecture. However, he lacked the academic credentials required for architecture school. He would later write:

In a few days I myself knew that I should some day become an architect. To be sure, it was an incredibly hard road; for the studies I had neglected out of spite at the Realschule were sorely needed. One could not attend the Academy’s architectural school without having attended the building school at the Technik, and the latter required a high-school degree. I had none of all this. The fulfillment of my artistic dream seemed physically impossible.” via Wikipedia

“На два пъти, през 1907 и 1908 година, не успява да влезе във Виенската академия на изкуствата с аргумента, че не е подходящ за живописта и е по-добре да се заеме с архитектура. Самият той изглежда има желание да последва този съвет и пише в своите мемоари:

След няколко дни самият аз се убедих, че един ден трябва да стана архитект. Това със сигурност беше невероятно труден път, тъй като образованието в реалната гимназия, което бях изоставил напук, беше болезнено необходимо. Не можеше да се учи архитектура в Академията, без да си завършил строително техническо училище, а там се изискваше гимназиална диплома. А аз нямах нито едно от двете. Реализирането на моята артистична мечта изглеждаше физически невъзможно.” от Уикипедия

Cars designed by architects

Voiture Minimum designed by Le Corbusier

Duesenberg designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

 The Loosmobil designed by Adolf Loos

Dymaxion designed by Buckminster Fuller /  Norman Foster recreates the Dymaxion

Z.CAR designed by Zaha Hadid

Routemaster Bus designed by Foster and Partners and Aston Martin

Pictures and information / Снимки и информация: