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Favorite Brands | Ecru

ecru.jpgI saw this Kuwait-based brand on Instagram and since then I am a huge fan of it! Their products are not only beautiful and functional, but quite different (in a good way) from what we have seen on the Middle East’s market. A perfect mix of modern and tradition.
Hand carved and color lacquered pineapple bowlBrass molded palm candle holder dipped in silver.Glass carafe with a silver tipped wooden stopper.Round lamp with Fish Scale shaped openings that illuminate the room in a special way.Marble star which can be used as a soap plate or a candle base.Gem LightEmbroidered mini Hand pins that can be pinned to your clothes, bag, or baby’s crib.Pink Pomegranate print on beige casement table cloth. (Skillfully hand block printed)

You can visit their official website – ecruonline
Check out their blog –
or follow them on Istagram – ecruonline

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Go Green! ReUse! DIY Ideas

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend!
I did a huge research on the Internet and I found some good ideas how to turn something old and useless into something useful. I did my best to find easy-to-do and affordable ones. I personally got inspired and I think I might try some of them sometimes soon!

Use old ladder as bookshelf (by dandelionexpress)Hanging flower tins (by Steph)TP Rolls Organizer Box (by berserk)Coffee Table (by diy-vintage-chic)Flower vase (jar or tin) decorated with shells (by homelife)Flower vase (jar or tin) decorated with disposable spoons (by craftberrybush)Flower vase (jar or tin) decorated with sticks (by thewonderforest)Wine Cork Trivet (by craftynest)Frame decorated with sticks (by HDTV)Christmas Ornaments from old CDs (by cremedelacraft)Sink Extender for kids (by Amy Clackum)

From One Level to Another | Part 2

From One Level to Another | Part 1

MAXXI Museum in Rome, Italy by Zaha Hadid Architects
Photographs: Iwan Baan
via ArchDaily
God’s Loftstory in Veldhoven, The Netherlands by Leijh Kappelhoff Seckel van den Dobbelsteen architecten
Photographs: Vincent van den Hoven
via ArchDailyHill House in Kent, England by Hampson Williams Architects
Photographs: Hampson Williams Architects
via archinect

The Poolshop House in Singapore by FARM with KD Architects
Photographs: Peter Nitsch
via Dezeen

Mo House in Madrid, Spain by FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol Architecture
Photograph: Miguel de Guzmán, FRPO
via thisispaper

Neubau Atelierhaus by Fabi Architekten
Photographs: Fabi Architekten
via DailyIcon

From One Level to Another

Ah, the design possibilities are endless when it comes to staircases!  

Genetic stair was designed as the centerpiece of a much larger apartment renovation for art collectors on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The project was designed, detailed, fabricated and installed by Caliper Studio.
Photography: Ty Cole More info: link

Don’t you think that this lacquered–steel spiral staircase, designed by EM2N Architects, looks like a piece of modern work of art? It is in the Public Records Office building in Liestal, Switzerland.
Photography: blog.2modern  More info: link

Staircase in Libeň, Prague. The authors are Petr Hájek, Tomáš Hradečný, Jan Šépka from HSH Architects.
Photography: HSH Architects More info: link

Designed by DO-Architecture. Photography: dornob More info: link

This unique staircase design was created by Philip Watts Design for a private client. It is very sculptural and somehow reminiscent of a spinal column.
Photography: neamhouse More info: link

I love, love, love all the staircases, designed by Raëd Abillama Architects!!! This is a private office in Dora, Lebanon. Really nice mix of wood and steel.
Photography: Raëd Abillama Architects  More info: link
Another staircase by the same architects. This time it’s а nice mix of stone, steel and glass.
Photography: Raëd Abillama Architects – © Géraldine Bruneel More info: link
Apartment building, designed by Aedes Studio
Photography:  buildingoftheyear More info: link

Pronovias flagship store in NYC, designed by GCA Arquitectos Asociados.
Photography:  GCA Arquitectos Asociados More info: link

A dynamic staircase, designed by archiplein.
Photography: architizer More info: link

Manhattan’s Interiors

I am pretty sure there are many cool places in Manhattan, but for now here are just a few of them. The first one is designed by the Lebanese studio SOMA ( I already made a post about them. If you missed the post, you can view it here ). Don’t you love the idea of eating under a tree? 😉

Location: 209 Mulberry St
Architects: SOMA
Photography: e-architect

McNally Jackson Café
Location: 52 Prince Street
Architects: Front Studio Architects
Photography: Maggie Soladay Photography
“The owner of McNally Jackson Books, one of the largest independent booksellers in downtown Manhattan, wished to re-conceptualize the café and seating area as a place evocative of literature. The newly realized space creates visceral connections to the act of reading in each programmatic function.”  via Front Studio ArchitectsWhat a clever idea!! 

D’espresso Cafe
Location: Madison Avenue
Designers: Nema Workshop
Photography: Nema Workshop
Location: 161 Hudson Street — Downtown Tribeca
Photography: Moomah

Favorite Architects | Interiors by Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma is a Japanese architect. In 1990 he founded his own studion “Kengo Kuma & Associates” . Read more about him on Wikipedia.

Restaurant Sake no Hana
Location: London, UK
Year: 2007 Source

Tea Shop Jugetsudo
Location: Paris, France
Year: 2008
” I wanted to create a space like a bamboo thicket. In the thicket floats a different kind of air and light from those of our daily lives. At the centre of this unique space, we placed a solid, jointless board of Japanese cypress. Cypress was a special tree in that it was believed to smoothen the things put on it. Our idea was that people could feel the nature of Japan on that board. In the underground lies a stone tearoom. In the stone cave that rests in Paris underground the teas might show another quality.” – Kengo Kuma

Retail Store Lucien Pellat-finet
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2007
“…The Frenchman Lucien suggested the concept to be “a Japanese-style gallery” and myself, a Japanese, proposed to express the “softness of cashmere”, the charm of the delicate material. While each context was mixed, the project went on as if weaving a piece of cloth, and it came to fruition where one piece of soft skin rose from the floor, as a brand new atmosphere for lucien pellat-finet. To express a soft cloth, I chose structural plywood, a material generally used for architectural structures. By cutting and bringing down these casual materials carefully in order to draw a curve, and placing them equally from the edge, we created a Japanese-touch luxury space…” – Kengo Kuma
Chinese Restaurant Shato Hanten
Location: Osaka, Japan
Year: 2010

Starbucks Coffee
Location:  Fukuoka, Japan
Year: 2011
Retail Store Shang Xia
Location: Hong Kong, China
Year: 2010
Bama Lohas Café
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2011

Get Into Their Headquarters!

 Who doesn’t want to work for a company that takes care of it’s employees?
I am glad that some companies started to understand and taking advantage of the effects that great office design has on staff creativity and productivity. Here are some offices of famous companies that are more than standard cubicle-filled corporate buildings. 😉

Кой не би искал да работи за компания, която се грижи за служителите си?
Радвам се, че някои компании започнаха да разбират и да се възползват от ефектите на добрия офис дизайн, който въздейства на креативността и производителността на персонала. Ето няколко офиса на известни компании, които са повече от стандартните напълнени с кабини корпоративни сгради. 😉

Google Engineering HQ
Location: London, England
Designers: Penson
via Dezeen

Location: Porto, Portugal
Architects: Barbosa & Guimaraes
Photography: Nelson Garrido via Dezeen

Location: Palo Alto, California
Designers:  Studio O+A
via Dezeen
Dolce & Gabbana
Location: Milan, Italy
Architects: Studio Piuarch
Photographs: Ruy Teixeira via ArchDaily

Some Neon Colors?

Neon is popping up everywhere from fashion to interior design these days and I think it’s the trend of the season! Why neon? Well, neon is funky and It evokes energy and fun, though that these colors are not for everyone.
I personally like the mix of neutral colors with neon colors. Take a look at these spaces, and let me know what do you think about them? Could you live with neon colors every day?

Maison Plastique, Shelter Island Pavilion
Location: the Shelter Island at the eastern end of Long Island, New York, USA
Architects: Stamberg Aferiat Architecture
Photography: Paul Warchol via homedsgn

Nestlé Application Group Querétaro
Architects: Rojkind Arquitectos
Photography: ©Paúl Rivera  via ArchdailyArchitects: Materiality Office
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Photography: Greg Benson Photography
via Archdaily Interior design by Lotta Agaton
Photography: Pia Ulin via grassrootsmodernE8 Table
Designer: Mathias Hahn of Okay Studio
via DezeenChristian Louboutin window installation
Location: London, UK
Designers:  Studio XAG
Photography: Susie Rea via DezeenPillhead lamps
Designers:  A+Z Design
via DezeenL’Opera Restaurant
Location: Paris, France
Architects: CORNETTE:Architectes Urbanistes
Photography: Roland Halbe via The Cool HunterThe Denmark office of toy brand Lego
Designers: Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord
Photography:  Anders Sune Berg via Dezeen

10 Armchairs You May Like

“Hollow” Chair by Judson Beaumont’s designs / Photography: design-dautore

“Kloe” Chair
manufactured by Desalto / Designer: Marco Acerbis / Photography: homedosh,design-dautore

“Felt Up” Chair by Charlotte Kingsnorth / Photography: design-dautore

“Mussel” Chair
by Hanne Kortegaard / Photography: Mimomoss Designinteriordeco

Limited Edition “Pumpkin” Chair by Pierre Paulin / Photography: Mimomoss Design

“Hug” Chair
by the Bulgarian designer Ilian Milinov (winner of the RedDot Design) / Photography: design-dautore

“Lost in Sofa” Chair by Daisuke Motogi Architecture / Designer: Daisuke Motogi / Photography: design-dautore

“Ad-Hoc” Chair
manufactured by Viccarbe, 2006 / Designer: Jean Marie Massaud / Photography: design-dautore,curatedmag

“Ondule” Chair
by Mattis Esnault / Photography: design-dautore

“Bone” Chair by Joris Laarman / Photography: Mimomoss Design

Please, let me know which one do you like the most!! ;]

Do You Like Vintage Style?

As you may noticed everyone is crazy about vintage style these days ( fashion designers, photographers, interior designers, graphic designers etc ). Even my mom bought a vintage sofa ( the first two pictures ). So I was wondering how many of you like this style? Please give your vote!!

Pictures: Design dautorehall | Istanbul (the last one)