Favorite Brands | Ecru

ecru.jpgI saw this Kuwait-based brand on Instagram and since then I am a huge fan of it! Their products are not only beautiful and functional, but quite different (in a good way) from what we have seen on the Middle East’s market. A perfect mix of modern and tradition.
Hand carved and color lacquered pineapple bowlBrass molded palm candle holder dipped in silver.Glass carafe with a silver tipped wooden stopper.Round lamp with Fish Scale shaped openings that illuminate the room in a special way.Marble star which can be used as a soap plate or a candle base.Gem LightEmbroidered mini Hand pins that can be pinned to your clothes, bag, or baby’s crib.Pink Pomegranate print on beige casement table cloth. (Skillfully hand block printed)

You can visit their official website – ecruonline
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Go Green! ReUse! DIY Ideas

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend!
I did a huge research on the Internet and I found some good ideas how to turn something old and useless into something useful. I did my best to find easy-to-do and affordable ones. I personally got inspired and I think I might try some of them sometimes soon!

Use old ladder as bookshelf (by dandelionexpress)Hanging flower tins (by Steph)TP Rolls Organizer Box (by berserk)Coffee Table (by diy-vintage-chic)Flower vase (jar or tin) decorated with shells (by homelife)Flower vase (jar or tin) decorated with disposable spoons (by craftberrybush)Flower vase (jar or tin) decorated with sticks (by thewonderforest)Wine Cork Trivet (by craftynest)Frame decorated with sticks (by HDTV)Christmas Ornaments from old CDs (by cremedelacraft)Sink Extender for kids (by Amy Clackum)

Wonderful Paper Installations

Paper Chandeliers Installation
by American studio Cristina Parreño Architecture and students from MIT
Photographs: Luis Asin
via DezeenStockholm Furniture Fair Installation
by Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi
Photographs: Tord-Rikard Söderström
via DezeenWald aus Wlad Installation by Takashi Kuribayashi
Photographs: Watanabe Osamu © Mori Art Museum
via Dezeen Daphne Installation by 24° Studio

Some Interesting Outdoor Installations

Sparking Umbrellas Installation
Concept & Design: Anna Meister, Jorden Martin Lighting: Peter Greig
Location: Sydney, Australia
Photographs: via petergreigSydney-City and Suburbs
Read more: linkField of Light by lighting designer Bruce Munro
Location:  Cornwall, England
Photographs: via
Read more: linkThe Ring by Arnaud Lapierre
Location: Place Vendôme in Paris, France
Photographs:  Arnaud Lapierre via ArchDaily
Read more: linkThe Sequence Installation  by the Belgian artist Arne Quinze
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Photographs: via
Read more: linkColorful Umrellas Installation
Location: Agueda, Portugal
Photographs: Patricia Almeida
Read more: linkMirror Installation by Studio Roso
Location: Clark Shoes Headquarters in Street, Somerset, South England
Photographs: via ArchDaily
Read more: link
Stairway Cinema Installation by Oh.No.Sumo
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Photographs: Simon Devitt
Read more: linkIncandescent Cloud by Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett
Location: Calgary, Canada
Photographs: via
Read more: link