Explore Sofia | Ivan Vazov National Theatre

IMG_6516-2Hey everyone! Explore Sofia is a new topic on my blog. I’ve decided that it’s high time to write about Sofia, after all it’s my hometown. So, I grabbed my small not professional Canon and went for a long walk along Sofia’s streets. I took plenty of pictures, which means there will be many articles. ūüėČ
I hope that you will welcome the idea!
IMG_6753IMG_6756 Named after the prominent Bulgarian¬†poet,¬†novelist¬†and¬†playwright¬†Ivan Vazov, the¬†National Theatre is¬†the oldest and most authoritative theatre in the country and¬†one of the major landmarks of¬†Sofia as well.IMG_6469 IMG_6468The theatre’s¬†Neoclassical¬†building was designed by famous¬†Austrian architects¬†Hermann Helmer¬†and¬†Ferdinand Fellner and¬†built in 1906. Beside¬†Ivan Vazov Theatre,¬†Helmer and¬†Fellner together¬†designed over 200 buildings, mainly theatres and apartment buildings across Europe in the late 19th century and early 20th century.
IMG_6489IMG_6505IMG_6503The large pediment, supported on six white marble columns, depicts Apollo and the Muses. The twin towers on either side of the building are crowned with sculptures of the goddess Nike in a chariot.IMG_6466 IMG_6464The Ivan Vazov National Theatre has a well-equipped main stage with 750 seats, a smaller 120-seat stage and an additional 70-seat one on the fourth floor. It employes some of the country’s best actors and stage directors and performs Bulgarian as well as international plays.IMG_6499IMG_6497An old photograph of the theatre.The fountain and its reflecting pool were built in 1976, and have recently been restored. If the weather is good, the area in front of the theatre is full of people of any ages and men playing chess. IMG_6743IMG_6750IMG_6751

links: wikipedia, sofia-guide, visitbulgaria


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  1. Lyubena

    Great photos Nadia! Prima ūüôā And the information, that you shared, is very interesting too! Keep up the good work ūüôā


    29/07/2013 at 12:41 PMJul

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