Favorite Architects | Feldman Architecture

“For Feldman Architecture, beauty is found in quiet understated forms, expressive structure, timeless materials, and carefully resolved details.

..Dedication to environmental responsibility is fundamental to Feldman Architecture’s philosophy. Constructing and operating buildings is resource intensive and Feldman Architecture strives to minimize this impact by designing energy-efficient buildings that incorporate sustainable technologies and renewable materials.”  via Feldman Architecture

Caterpillar House
Photographs: Joe Fletcher Photography

House Ocho
Photographs: Paul Dyer, Claudio Santini, Kodiak Greenwood, and Roland Bishop
Mill Valley Cabins
Photographs: Joe Fletcher Photography
“The clients for the Mill Valley Cabins wished to add some accessory structures to their existing hillside home. Programmatically, the clients sought to provide space for an artist studio and a yoga space which would also serve as a private guest cabin.” via Feldman Architecture

2 Bar House in Menlo Park, California
Photographs: Joe Fletcher Photography

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  1. jalal michael sabbagh.htpp://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

    Fascinating architect.The photos are so vivid .Wonderful post.All the best my friend.jalal


    18/02/2013 at 12:41 PMFeb

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