Adolf Hitler an Architect?!

“How I wish I had been an architect!” Adolf Hitler often exclaimed to his Nazi master builder, Albert Speer.

 “The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna rejected him twice, in 1907 and 1908, because of his “unfitness for painting”, and the director recommended that he study architecture. However, he lacked the academic credentials required for architecture school. He would later write:

In a few days I myself knew that I should some day become an architect. To be sure, it was an incredibly hard road; for the studies I had neglected out of spite at the Realschule were sorely needed. One could not attend the Academy’s architectural school without having attended the building school at the Technik, and the latter required a high-school degree. I had none of all this. The fulfillment of my artistic dream seemed physically impossible.” via Wikipedia

“На два пъти, през 1907 и 1908 година, не успява да влезе във Виенската академия на изкуствата с аргумента, че не е подходящ за живописта и е по-добре да се заеме с архитектура. Самият той изглежда има желание да последва този съвет и пише в своите мемоари:

След няколко дни самият аз се убедих, че един ден трябва да стана архитект. Това със сигурност беше невероятно труден път, тъй като образованието в реалната гимназия, което бях изоставил напук, беше болезнено необходимо. Не можеше да се учи архитектура в Академията, без да си завършил строително техническо училище, а там се изискваше гимназиална диплома. А аз нямах нито едно от двете. Реализирането на моята артистична мечта изглеждаше физически невъзможно.” от Уикипедия

3 responses

  1. Me & Beirut

    Ouf, you find interesting things! Didn’t know that… Yaraito he became an architecht…


    25/03/2012 at 12:41 PMMar

    • My teacher said the same thing as you!!! That would be better if he was an architect….Anyway it’s interesting fact to know that he had that dream 😉


      25/03/2012 at 12:41 PMMar

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