Bulgarian architects | I/O architects

I/O is a Sofia based architectural studio, established by Georgi Katov and Viara Jeliazkova in 2004. Unfortunately I couldn’t find more information about this studio, but I promise that I will try to find some more information.

I/O е софийско архитектурно бюро, основано от арх.Георги Кътов и арх.Вяра Желязкова през 2004г. За съжеление, не можах да намеря повече информация за това бюро, но обещавам да потърся.Stone house / near Sofia, Bulgaria
Total area 220 sqm / Project 2003-04 / Construction 2004-06 /
Pictures east-centricarch / Photographs Boris Missirkov, Georgi BogdanovApartment block in Sofia, Bulgaria
Total areа 9000 sqm / Project 2005-06 / Construction 2005-07 / Pictures east-centricarch House in Bistritsa (near Sofia), Bulgaria
Total area  87 sqm / Project 2002-03 / Construction 2006-08 / Pictures east-centricarch / Photographer Abitare Bulgaria – Architecture and Design Magazine
Apartment block in Burgas, Bulgaria
Total area 7500sqm / Project 2004-05 / Construction 2005-07 / Pictures e-architectApartment Block in Boyana, Sofia, Bulgaria
Total area 2786.9 sqm / Construction 2007-11 / Pictures east-centricarch / Photographer Abitare BulgariaPrivate house in Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria
Total area 1100 sqm / Project 2004 / Construction 2005-07 / Picture e-architect


6 responses

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  2. Outstanding architecture, love it


    24/05/2012 at 12:41 PMMay

    • I am glad you like it 😉


      24/05/2012 at 12:41 PMMay

  3. wow I especially love the contrast of the traditional materials with modern aesthetic in the first one! I would SO live there!


    25/06/2012 at 12:41 PMJun

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